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Exclusive PERFUME
by MJ

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Buying elite perfumes on an individual order, you arrange a small holiday for yourself and it doesn’t matter at all for yourself or the purchase is planned as a gift. The variety of aromas and their shades gives great pleasure in the process of searching for the very one - the only true aroma. And designer tuning of exclusive bottles, royal equipment with additional accessories, jewelry boxes and perfume gift boxes will turn any perfume into an elite VIP gift. Come to the MJ Art Studio and you will immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere, where you are provided with a huge selection of high-quality perfumes, and for especially sophisticated clients, we can offer exclusive fragrances in the author's edition complete with any unique handmade gifts from MJ - www.mj777.com

Any exclusive perfumery, cosmetics, lipstick, perfumes, bottles, vessels, jewelry boxes, gift boxes & any other elite gifts are produced for individual orders. Luxury perfumes are based only on original products & can be personalized according to the client's personal wishes. The tuned bottle can be made of real gold, silver, platinum, crystal, wood, stone, diamond leather & other precious, exotic & premium materials.

Customization of elite original perfumes and other exclusive gifts. Custom tuning and creation of unique bottles and gift boxes from precious woods, exotic leather inlaid with gold, platinum, diamonds with individual monograms. Tuned and personalized perfumes are based only on branded and original perfumes.

The most expensive perfume in the world. The World Most Expensive Perfume - MMIV London England Est 1872. Perfume in gold bottles on order. Bottles made of cast gold 14 carat, 18 carat, 24 carat and any other carat. It can be set with diamonds and other precious stones. Decorating spirits with any emblems and coats of arms.

Gift perfume premium. Elite Perfume Limited Edition - Carons Poivre. Handmade Customization by MJ, Under the order tuning of any perfumery. Making vessels from real gold. Tuning and production of unique gift packaging made of white shark skin, white suede, precious woods, gold leaf and other delights - www.box.mj777.com


Valentino Rock N Rose perfume customization. Production of gift bottles from crystal. Exclusive caps made of white gold, silver, platinum, precious woods and precious stones.

Unique perfume bottles, containers for perfume, cologne, eau de toilette, aromatic oils and other liquids. VIP Exclusive Perfume. Luxurious vials, jars, bottles, test tubes, flask, bowls and other vessels of any shape, design and size from any kind of precious materials.

Exclusive sets of different flavors - StarBox LR Limited Edition. Unique sets of perfumes, cosmetics and themed accessories in a gift box made of ebony and bison koyu. Under the order, elite packaging made of precious woods, exotic leather, precious metals and stones - www.box.mj777.com

Exclusive VIP Spirit Antonio Banderas Exclusive Perfume Premium Edition. Under the order, customization of V.I.P gifts with cast gold and diamonds. See also the catalog of luxury gold gifts from MJ - www.gold.mj777.com

Luxurious perfume embellished with Swarovski crystals. Elite Perfume NYC Swarovski Edition or Gemstones. On individual orders, bottles are decorated with real emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanites, colored diamonds and any other precious stones of any cut, size and color. See the catalog of unique gifts in Swarovski crystals - www.swarovski.mj777.com

Perfumes in porcelain, ceramic and precious handmade vessels. Porcelain and Ceramic Perfume Bottle. Under the order, unique vessels and bottles in the form of various figurines, figurines, souvenirs and any other design from any kind of precious materials. See also the catalog of exclusive handmade figurines, busts and figurines - www.figurines.mj777.com, as well as the catalog of VIP souvenirs - www.souvenirs.mj777.com

Exclusive vessels, bottles, bottles, souvenirs. Customization of perfume vessels. Under the order, any shape, design and size of gold bottles decorated with any precious stones.

Perfume bottle made of cast gold 750-carat inlaid with gems of any cut and color. See also the catalog of gifts decorated with rhinestones and precious stones - www.gems.mj777.com

Cult perfume Chanel number 5 in the author's deluxe edition. Parfume Chanel ne'5 Paris Luxury Edition by MJ. Individual orders perfume with gold in handmade gift boxes made of precious materials.

NYC 212 VIP This Is A Private Party! Unique perfumes, perfumes, cologne, eau de toilette, deodorants and other themed accessories in a tuning product from MJ. Decor with real gold, platinum, silver, diamonds...

Most Expensive Customization by MJ. The original most expensive perfume in the world in the author's tuning edition from Art Studio MJ. Under the order, inlay of personal symbols with fancy diamonds and cast gold, as well as the production of a gift box-casket made of ebony and mahogany, shark and crocodile skin, platinum and gold and other luxury materials. Pictured is the original Clive Christian Imperial Majesty. (Perfume "Imperial majesty"). The unique perfume cocktail consists of two hundred rare components and is placed in exquisite bottles made of high quality rock crystal. The neck of the bottle is framed with 18-carat gold foil, and the lid is crowned with a 5-carat diamond. A total of 10 bottles of Clive Christian Imperial Majesty with a volume of 507 ml were released. The cost of perfume is 215 thousand US dollars. Interestingly, the cost of the perfume includes the delivery of perfume to its owner in a Bentley car. Notable wearers of the exclusive fragrance include actress Katie Holmes, who accessorized her luxurious outfit with this gorgeous scent on her wedding day to Tom Cruise, and Sir Elton John, who also wears Clive Christian Imperial Majesty as an accessory to his beautiful winter garden.

Unique sets of exclusive oils, perfumes, cosmetics and any other gifts in the author's luxury edition. Under the order, luxury sets of any configuration framed with precious metals, exotic leather, precious woods and other premium materials. See also exclusive sets of luxury electronics, accessories and jewelry from MJ - www.kit.mj777.com

Exclusive boxes and packaging for luxury perfumes, perfumes, colognes, eau de toilette, cosmetics, etc. Custom gift boxes for sets of perfume bottles of all shapes and sizes. Luxurious caskets and boxes are made of exotic wood, stone, leather, gold and other luxury materials. See also the catalog of handmade luxury packaging from Art Studio MJ - www.box.mj777.com

Unique bottles and bone vessels for perfumes, perfumes, oils, eau de toilette, soap, shampoo and any other liquids. On request, bottles and any other products with engravings are made of ivory, mammoth tusk, porcelain, ceramics inlaid with the rarest organic fossils. See also the catalog of exclusive handmade products from unique types of bones, claws, fangs... www.bone.mj777.com

Exclusive perfume bottles in the form of a jacket made of platinum and gold. Individual orders unique perfume and any other bottles of any shape, design and size of real platinum, palladium, rhodium, white gold, rose gold, red gold, and classic gold of any carat.

Уникальные VIP подарки. Тюнинг и кастомизация оригинальной парфюмерии. Превращение просто дорогих духов в настоящий подарочный эксклюзив. Декорирование флаконов драгоценными металлами и камнями. Производство уникальной упаковки и подарочных шкатулок с инкрустацией личных инициалов, монограмм, гербов...

Tuning and restyling of original perfumery.

Luxurious handmade perfume bottles made of precious materials. Custom-made production of exclusive bottles and accessories made of gold, platinum, silver, hot enamel, rock crystal, Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, precious woods, exotic leather, diamonds and other luxury materials.

Tuning and customization of any original branded perfumery.

Exclusive Perfume Luxury Edition. Under the order, customization and personalization of any perfume and accessories. Premium gift packaging, Bottles with personalized inlay and handmade engraving.

Unique bottles and vessels for perfumes, perfumes, cologne, cosmetics, shampoo, liquid soap... See also the catalog of unique handmade soaps and themed accessories - www.soap.mj777.com

Unique bottles, vessels and accessories for perfumery. Under the order, unique gift bottles and bottles made of gold, silver, platinum with artistic painting, mosaic decor and inlaid with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones.

Exclusive perfumes, cosmetics, souvenirs and interior items. Custom creation, customization and tuning of any handmade VIP gifts. See also the catalog of luxury souvenirs - www.souvenirs.mj777.com

Exclusive Perfume Limited Edition

Exclusive Perfume Limited Edition

Under the order customization of original spirits. The manufacture of the case is not just in the form of a gold ingot, but from real cast 24-carat gold. Exclusive Gold Perfume Paco Rabanne 1 Million - Luxury Gold Customization by MJ. It is also possible to make a bottle for any kind of perfumery from any kind of precious metals.

Under the order, any original, branded, branded perfumes in a personalized gift edition.

Unique bottles and vessels of all shapes and sizes made of precious materials.

Custom tuning and restyling of any exclusive perfumes and other luxury gifts.

Elite perfumery with the application of any personal symbols from premium materials.

Tuning of any limited & luxury perfumery.

Exclusive handmade perfume bottles. Under the order, bottles of any shape and size made of gold, silver, platinum, wood, stone, leather, diamonds and other top-class materials.

Unique bottles, bottles, jars, vases, decanters, test tubes and any other vessels of any design, shape and size made of Murano glass, rock crystal, silver, platinum, gold, diamonds and other luxury materials.

Fashionable and luxurious perfumes from any brands turned into a real exclusive for individual orders from MJ. Decoration with real gold, inlay of any names, wishes, dates, coats of arms, monograms. See also the catalog of personalization of exclusive handmade gifts - www.personalization.mj777.com

On individual orders Art Studio MJ turns any branded and original perfume into a real exclusive gift. Decoration and customization of perfume bottles, gift wrapping and any other souvenirs and accessories with real gold, platinum, silver, gems, black and mahogany, exotic leather and fur, diamonds and many other premium luxury materials.


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All exclusive kits are handmade by individual orders.
Worldwide delivery is carried out by any of the courier companies
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ShowRoom by Luxury Studio MJ Photo Design Interior  Luxury Boutique & VIP Office by MJ & 777  Copyright VIP Storefronts by MJ - Frames of gold leaf 24K, interior genuine leather & platinum mirror.  The picture on the fur with logo MJ. Moldings made ​​of gold of 24 carats,  Photography showcases boutique tuning studio of Art Studio MJ  Unique and exclusive handmade technique on the VIP jewelry showcases Art Studio MJ  Exclusive interior design from MJ. Showcases luxury. Author's handmade products.


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